Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

QUISMA has been opening up new paths to successfully market products and services for its customers for more than ten years. We can bring you together with established and trusted partners who are able to address very different target groups with very different approaches. Our goal is to have partnerships that offer genuine added value in the customer journey.

Transparent affiliate strategy:

Successful affiliate programmes do not necessarily depend on the quantity of partners but rather on their quality and performance. Which is why QUISMA focuses on a careful, independent selection of established affiliate networks and partners – maintaining close and long-standing relationships with these. We are 100 % transparent in everything we do on our customers’ behalf – from selected partners to cost structures.

QUISMA partner net:

The QUISMA partner net gives us the opportunity to directly tie-in partners (publishers) for our customers. This offers clear advantages in breaking down commission and tying in partners. Customer-specific private net solutions or “customers-attract-customers” programmes can also be implemented and do not require much effort on the part of the customer.

Tracking & quality:

To guarantee the quality of our established partners, we focus on technology and on the people. The customer journey and coupon tracking are important technical tools in optimisation. Manual control processes ensure that the affiliate programmes run smoothly and work to the advantage of all.

Professional account management:

Our account management team has many years of expertise in affiliate marketing and excellent contacts to top affiliates – tailored to your requirements. Detailed reports of your affiliate campaigns provide full transparency, giving perfect conditions for the continuous optimisation of your partner programmes.

Product portfolio

Private net, affiliate programmes, complex partner programme reports, customer journey and coupon tracking, direct publisher connection

Case affiliate marketing

Initial situation:The customer has been operating a successful affiliate programme for many years. Campaigns in the affiliate segment should promote the seasonal peaks, for example, in the form of coupons for the end customer.

Implementation: By giving a top partner an exclusive coupon code to during the travel season to use for promotional purposes on the website, blog and newsletter. The aim being to increase performance and sales as well as the precise controllability of coupon use.

Results: This increased performance for the partner programme by 95 % in the year-on-year comparison, with a share of 30% of the total turnover for the top partner. Furthermore, the partner achieved an exceedingly high shopping cart value, which was 144 % higher than average.

QUISMA has its finger on the pulse and is constantly suggesting new, performance-strong publishers and campaigns for our partner programmes. We have trusted the affiliate team’s expertise since 2007 and feel we are well advised and cared in this area.
Ulf Wickop
Managing Director Koffer-Direkt .de