Content Marketing

Many companies wish to interact with the target audience directly. If you have good content, it is possible to move people, inspiring and motivating them. For this to happen, nothing should be left to chance: Successful content marketing includes strategy, creation, production and distribution.


Content marketing is all about creating relevant content. Consumers will only then prefer this content to other content. The strategy for relevant and successful content is based on the three “Is”: inspiration, information and involvement.

Creation & production:

Comprising top-notch creatives, editors, producers and programmers, our team continues to grow. They have very different backgrounds and work in close collaboration to bring innovative ideas and international award-winning campaigns to life. Whatever platform you wish to use to address your target audience, our multi-platform creatives are waiting to produce great content on your behalf.


Whether optimising own channels, bringing in influential social media stars or dealing with existing content: putting the right message into the target group is part of our DNA.

Partner networks:

Content marketing is complex and constantly requires a wide range of different implementation strategies. To allow us to remain flexible on your behalf, we have a broad network of partners at our command, spanning production houses, record labels, sports marketers and a variety of other content providers.

Product portfolio

Content strategy, content optimisation, communication strategies, branded content & entertainment

Case Study Content Marketing

Initial situation: This was about making Dell relevant for hard-to-reach IT decision-makers. The problem: Dell was considered to be an unapproachable American group, only selling directly online and who did not understand the German market. Target group interviews brought a valuable insight to light: IT decision-makers are not necessarily IT experts. They are not only responsible for decisions to do with IT, but often also have to deal with the car fleet or facility management. As a result, they have created an informal network of IT admins, since these are the ones at the forefront of the day-to-day life in IT. The strategy: We align ourselves with the IT admins because, as they have greatest influence on the IT decision-makers, they are our true target group.

Implementation: We offered the IT guys a vent for their stressful everyday life and demonstrated that DELL has understood their job along with the challenges posed by their daily professional work. An interactive Tumblr platform was ideal for this. This featured a Dell IT sitcom especially filmed for the campaign and consisted of 16 episodes staging the madness an IT department goes through on a daily basis. In addition, IT guys were able to upload their own luser (loser + user) stories and share their own genuine insider stories with other IT counterparts.

Results: 230,000 IT guys visited Tumblr over just a four-month period, penning more than 650 luser experiences and creating more than 220 memes themselves. First and foremost, the highlight of the campaign were the 16 sitcom spots! Within just the first week, the initial video generated more than 120,000 organic views. This meant that the first video was already the most successful video ever to be posted in the IT category. In total, the videos were viewed more than three million times – and this was in a target group that itself barely contained five million people.

With the multi-awarding winning Tough Enough content campaign, we have proved that communication in IT need not be boring. Its success is almost certainly down to the fact that we consistently placed the needs of the target group at the forefront. Only once you have proven you have understood the job the IT guys do, are you in a position to open up the target audience towards the brand. The enormous buzz around the campaign has demonstrated that we were able to strike exactly the right chord in the target group and are finally being talked about in the German IT world.
Georg Zedlacher
Dell | Marketing Germany