Conversion Optimierung

Conversion Optimisation (CO)

Conversion optimisation means increasing sales and leads through targeted improvements in the existing traffic. With CO, you can find out the best possible way of appealing to your target group – be this on the website or in the online shop. QUISMA helps you to optimise your conversion rate by specifically testing your usability, thereby getting the best from your traffic.


A good conversion optimisation is not just based on individual opinions but also on analysing the current situation as objectively as possible. QUISMA provides a thorough analysis of your website, uncovering any weaknesses and finding the initial approach for optimising your conversion rate.


When planning our CO assignments, strategy is always at the forefront. We start every project by developing a detailed test strategy and roadmap while taking your individual optimisation goals into account. QUISMA’s approach is based on experience from numerous projects and is constantly being refined.


Our Account Manager works with you in drafting test concepts, which our in-house graphic unit uses to create a conversion-optimised web design. The QUISMA technical team then ensures they are implemented quickly and cleanly into our testing tools. This involves no additional expenditure for you as a customer.


A well-optimised website is not only characterised by its high conversion rate but also by how optimised it is for search engines to find it. So, our account managers at QUISMA are both CO and SEO experts. As a result, your web presence benefits from the effects of this synergy.

Product portfolio

Usability analysis, website analyses, in-house graphics & technology, mobile testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, shop optimisation, synergy effects with SEO, monitoring of website performance, eye-tracking analyses

Optimising a website is a continuous process. Both the traffic numbers and the usability of a website are crucial for success. What is the point of having the latest in web design if the conversion rate is wrong? Through targeted A/B and multivariate testing, we at QUISMA get to know the behaviour and needs of your customers and this makes a significant increase to your revenue: Because every conversion counts!
Thomas Kienlein
Group Head CO/SEO