Data Analytics

Data are the key to a more efficient use of your advertising budget – with a detailed customer journey analysis and a uniquely customised attribution model we can meet the demands of your campaign. The result: Significant increases in conversions and revenue.

Customer Journey Analysis

Only the data analysis of the customer journey shows which promotional activities were crucial at what stage of the buying process. This information is essential to understand the interplay of the different marketing activities.

Optimisation cycle

QUISMA defines the data analysis, optimisation and redistribution of marketing budgets as a six-step, continuously running process. The result: a significant upsurge in your conversion rates and increasing efficiency of your marketing activities.

Individual attribution

Every customer and every target group is different. This is why we do not believe in standardised attribution models such as last cookie wins. The data analytics team of QUISMA has developed its own attribution model in order to determine the individual value contribution of each of your online advertising channels up to conversion. Even offline channels are analysed taking performance goals into consideration. Your budget is redistributed on this basis in order to get the best possible ROI from your advertising activities.

Data Analytics + X

When planning SEA brand campaigns, our data analysts also integrate TV data in order to boost the performance of the ads. With this, we can show you how TV advertising can effectively go hand-in-hand with your online activities. We identify TV channels and spot times that have the greatest impact on performance activities. As one of the few providers, QUISMA also uses data analytics to scrutinise the efficiency of SEA campaigns by means of data analyses. We offer a more efficient bidding strategy by controlling the bid management through the use of individual attribution models.

Product portfolio

Cross-channel analysis, individual data-driven conversion attribution, analyses down to keyword or creative levels, TV implementation, customer journey workshops, conversion predictions, budget allocation

Working with QUISMA as a trusted partner for data analytics has enabled us to better understand the customer journeys of our clients and to significantly optimize our marketing spend.
Karin Rosell
Head of Marketing, Halebop