Display Advertising

With Display Advertising we deliver goal orientated results on all devices. So you can address your target audience with the right message at the right time.

Desktop display formats:

We combine dynamic advertising banners with a variety of audience data and real-time technology for controlling in real time (RTB). So, we can guarantee the best possible results in display advertising. Every desktop display banner is optimised according to the defined KPIs, such as engagement, leads or conversions. For a CPC you can rely on, our experts analyse the captured data every day.

Mobile display formats:

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly and with it the advertising potential in display advertising. To be visible to this rapidly-growing audience, we deliver high performing advertising formats, such as rich media, interstitials and high impact videos.

Mobile-based tools:

We deliver your advertising to the end device (tablet, smartphone, phablet) and in the environment where your mobile commerce can enjoy the best possible results to ensure we always get the most out of your performance in display advertising. The outcome of our strategy means qualified leads for your app or your mobile website. And you get all this on a CPC basis.


The display advertising performance should never compromise the protection of your brand. For this reason, we consider quality to be an indispensable prerequisite. Our motto is: The quality of the environment is crucial to your performance in display advertising.

Product portfolio

Mobile performance display, desktop performance display, mobile commerce, RTB, Interstitials, high-impact videos

We can increase our clients‘ conversion rates and their return on investment, using unique data, proprietary technology and cross-device real-time buying!
Christopher Mohr
Head of Light Reaction