Programatic Buying

Programmatic Buying Unit (PBU)

Automatic buying of ad inventories in real time (programmatic buying) means you can specifically reach individual users by using the right marketing activities – and at the right time. The new-found granularity and flexibility in campaign control, allows you to allocate your advertising budget in a more efficient manner and significantly minimises scatter losses. The interaction between technology, inventory and data forms the basis for programmatic buying. We are the leading provider with a transparent, neutral and safe range of services.


With us, programmatic buying is not a black box. We disclose all costs for specialists, technology, data buying and media costs – 100% transparent and 100% auditable. Our unique service model gives you complete visibility and full cost control.


We have an attractive service platform at our disposal with access to all relevant inventory and data sources. This can be connected with all technologies so that you have the greatest possible freedom of choice. We provide neutral and independent advice in the selection of technology and data partners and create an individual, customised set-up for your programmatic buying campaigns.


We offer cross-publisher media buying in real time with access to all relevant sources of inventory. Whether programmatic buying on the open market (RTB) or in private marketplaces – we guarantee quality, reach and transparency. In addition, you benefit from the purchasing advantages of GroupM: Through the use of market-leading brand safety tools, we ensure that your market always moves in a secure environment. The specific use of 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data refines the media inventory and forms the basis for effective targeting strategies.


To achieve the best possible results in programmatic buying – beside technology and inventory – our strategic planning and operative implementation experts are your secret weapon. Our programmatic buying team has many years of experience in the fields of digital consulting, media buying, data analytics and campaign management. The programmatic buying unit provides a comprehensive service platform and available to you from the initial programmatic consulting, through campaign planning and set-up up to operational delivery, optimisation and analysis.

Product portfolio

Technology, data, targeting, bidding, inventory, transparency, key account management, operations

Programmatic buying will continue to effectively change digital marketing. The PBU service means we can tailor our advice for each individual customer and accompany them every step of the way towards real-time advertising, automation, brand safety and data. Our service is independent, neutral and completely transparent at any given time. Our customers benefit from a considerable increase in efficiency and they also gain completely new insights. Something, not only reflected in the effect of the campaign but also in the ROI.
Markus Forster
Managing Partner GroupM Connect